CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action is a multi-media magazine based at Fordham University committed to integrating the arts and social justice.



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The term CURA has roots in the Ignatian educational principle of "cura personalis," or care for the whole person. “CURA” itself  is defined as guardianship, solicitude, and significantly, written work. 

We seek to promote a movement of creative response guided by meaningful action-- to celebrate active citizenship where a republic of writers, filmmakers, visual and digital artists converge. 

In 2018, our magazine is dedicated to dreams. The title, Somnium, reminiscent of Johannes Kepler’s 1608 novel, in which a young boy and mother observe the earth form the moon (and is largely considered the first science-fiction novel) reflects this concept of dreams. Our publication seeks to give voice to dreams in any form the artist chooses to interpret the term. 

This year, CURA’s partnership with NYSYLC, the first undocumented youth led group in New York will reflect the theme and seek to empower this organization. 

CURA holds first North American serial rights on literary work.  Visual artists retain copyright of their own work.



CURA is made possible through the generous support of the Office of the Deans of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University


Jennifer Gilmore

Managing Editors
Christina Elia
Victoria Pitz

Ezra Lee
Jack Douglas

Web Designer
Monica Ong

Founding Editor
Sarah Gambito

Elena Ciotta
Jessica Cozzi
Dominique Dobransky
Caroline Hughes
Sibel Iskender
Nikole Khader
Alex Merritt
Howard Poon
Sharon Shimonova




The views expressed in CURA are solely those personal to the artists and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Fordham University and its affiliates.