CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action is a multi-media magazine based at Fordham University committed to integrating the arts and social justice.



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CURA is taken from the Ignatian educational principle of "cura personalis," care for the whole person. On its own, the word “cura” is defined as guardianship, solicitude, and significantly, written work. 

In 2017, our magazine is dedicated to the question What is the Story You Most Want to Tell? 

We seek to promote a movement of creative response guided by meaningful action-- to celebrate active citizenship where a republic of writers, filmmakers, visual and digital artists converge. What Martín Espada has written about the social responsibility of the “Republic of Poetry” we believe applies to a Republic of all the Arts. It is “a place where creativity meets community, where the imagination serves humanity. [It] is a republic of justice because the practice of justice is the highest form of human expression.”

CURA holds first North American serial rights on literary work.  Visual artists retain copyright of their own work. 



CURA is made possible through the generous support of the Office of the Deans of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University


Sarah Gambito

Managing Editors
Lexi McMenamin
Taylor Weber

Advisory Circle
Jennifer Chang
Roohi Choudhry
Edward del Rosario
Shonni Enelow
Anne Fernald
Elisabeth Frost
Susan C. Greenfield
Joseph O. Legaspi
Charlotte Meehan
Elizabeth Stone


Vanessa Dolfinger
Katherine Duggan
Danni Hu
Emily Mendez
Sophia Noulas
Alexandra O'Connell
Divina Ramgopal
Benedetto Regalbuto
Elle Rose
Daniela Spencer

Web Designer
Monica Ong




The views expressed in CURA are solely those personal to the artists and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Fordham University and its affiliates.