CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action is a multi-media magazine based at Fordham University committed to integrating the arts and social justice.



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Letter From The Editors

CURA’s name has roots in the Ignatian educational principle of cura personalis, or care for the whole person. CURA itself is defined as guardianship, solicitude, and significantly, written work—integral to CURA as a literary magazine of art and action at Fordham University.

 We seek to promote a movement of creative response guided by meaningful action—to celebrate active citizenship where a republic of writers, filmmakers, visual and digital artists can converge. In other words, we consider it important to integrate art and social justice in our immediate New York community and world.

 For our 20th issue in Spring 2019, CURA is dedicated to intersections of identity, perspective, and art. The title, Vanishing Point, is meant to evoke an essential technique in visual art that represents points of convergence among parallel lines, places beyond the horizon which we cannot see, but that exist all the same.

 Our publication seeks to imagine and consider these intersections and different vanishing points in art and artists’ identities. As we say in our mission statement, “Our goal is not to make sense of the world, but rather to capture its complexity. What ground do you stand upon that I do not? What can you see that I cannot?” We hope you will meditate on these ideas as you interact with our issue.

 This year, CURA partnered with the NYC-based organization, Groundswell, which develops the next generation of change-makers through exposure to high quality arts education and community collaboration. With a mission rooted in social justice, Groundswell strongly aligns with the ethos of CURA. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to partner with and raise funds for Groundswell, supporting the organization’s work to empower communities through the power of artistic expression.


We have put so much work and love into the production of this issue. We hope you enjoy all the works we have gathered here. They are each so special.



CURA managing editors, Bailey Hosfelt and Anne Marie Ward; editor, Nyssa Chow; editor  Kanchana Ugabe; founding editor Sarah Gambito; and the entire CURA staff.


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CURA is made possible through the generous support of the Office of the Deans of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University


Nyssa Chow Kanchana Ugabe

Managing Editors
Anne Marie Ward Bailey Hosfelt

Founding Editor
Sarah Gambito

Erin Archbold Peta Bainlardi Constantina Daly Wes Green Kathryn Hornyak David Kennedy Emma Paolini Kathryn Pender Joey Randazzo Elka Roderick Nicole Sanchez Kennady Schuster Sarah White




The views expressed in CURA are solely those personal to the artists and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Fordham University and its affiliates.