What We Do In Utopia
by Allison Parrish

We call an impracticable scheme Utopian
We had several times met
We all went to my house
We asked him many questions concerning all these things
We live
We all love to be flattered and to please ourselves with our own notions
We could but match them
We have occasion
We will
We ought not to approve of those terrible laws that make the smallest offences capital
We are only forbid to kill any except when the laws of the land allow of it
We cannot imagine
We doubt but the way that was so long in use among the old Romans
We have made many laws
We laughed more at him than at them
We sing in our church that those who mocked Elisha as he went up to the house of God felt the effects of his zeal
We have
We are so far from that happiness while philosophers will not think it their duty to assist kings with their counsels
We are certain will not be entertained
We must let alone everything as absurd or extravagant
We are more ingenious than they are
We have been so far from improving it that we do not so much as remember it
We desire to know
We shall have leisure enough
We went in and dined
We were very intent upon it he paused a little to recollect himself
We went among them
We meant when we talked to them of a man in the abstract as common to all men in particular
We have here
We are made by God for that end
We owe both all that we have and
We can
We ought not to assist others in their pursuit of it
We neither injure any other person nor lose the possession of greater pleasures
We are relieved from sudden pain
We fancy that it becomes stupid as soon as it has obtained that which it pursued
We can never relish them but when they are mixed with the contrary pains
We would not be beholden to Him for His favours
We had given them some hints of the learning and discipline of the Greeks
We were at sea
We showed them some books printed by Aldus
We gave them
We know how religiously they are observed in Europe
We could say to the contrary
We call Religious Orders 

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