Editorial Standards




  • We will not strongly edit any piece (includes editing for content and grammar).  
  • Time permitting, pick one or two pieces per rating round to return to a promising author with our comments in the hope that they will edit and re-submit for the following round (for the next issue). 
  • Offensive/graphic material aren’t necessarily prohibited but should not be gratuitous or only for ornament's sake.  Please make note of any such material in your comments on the online Submission Manager.
  • Read pieces without looking at artist biographies first.


Prompt Creation


  • Bear in mind that a CURA prompt must center around the chosen year's theme and must link to one current news story. 
  • It is easier to choose a news story first and then write a prompt from this.  


Permission to Feature online Content by Other Artists

(With special thanks to Emily Helck)
For an excellent article on the Public Domain, click here.

Open Source Art
You may use open source art on the CURA website.
Examples of open source art venues:  


All Other Art
Shoud you wish to feature another artist's work in a CURA prompt or Muse blogpost, it is imperative that we receive explicit permission from the artist.  This is a copyright issue and if the proper persmissions are not obtained, CURA can be sued. 


If the artist is living, or has died within the last 70 years, the easiest way to get permission is to contact the artist directly through their website. If that's not possible, look for galleries, museums and publishers that have worked with the artist.


Copyrights lapse 70 years after the death of an artist, so usually the work will then be in the public domain and is fine for CURA to use.  Sometimes there have been cases of extended copyrights, so we just need to do our due diligence with checking into prospective pieces for the CURA website.



Template Email to Obtain Permission


Hello there,

My name is [Your Name], and I writing on behalf of CURA, a print and online literary magazine affiliated with Fordham University. We function a little bit differently than other magazines, in that we post a news based prompt, and all submissions must be either in response to the prompt or based on our theme of "[CURA Theme]"  Here is our website if you'd like to read more about us: http://www.curamag.com/

This month our prompt will be about [Prompt Theme] and we are interested in possibly reproducing[Name of Art Work] as part of it. We would display this work on the web only.  To view an example of a prompt, you can go to http://www.curamag.com/prompts

Can you point me to the person who might be able grant permission for this? We are under a bit of a time constraint, because of the nature of our project.  We would be thrilled to feature this work.  Because all of our publication proceeds go to benefit [Charity] we are unable to provide compensation for use of [Name of Art].

Thank you very much for your help!

[Your Name]






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