Event Production Brainstorm


Spring 2013 Art Gallery Event




    • Beautiful paper invitations
    • Food and alcohol (for people of age)


      What Would Make a New Yorker Stop?

      • A rose
      • A back massage
      • Free yoga
      • A question.  What are you listening to?  What do you care about?  What's your story?
      • Free lemonade (on a hot day) from a reputable establishment
      • Something specific to the location.  For ex.  Dog-tags would probably work for dog owners in dog-parks.
      • Something that invokes nostalgia on some construction that people already have good feelings about.  For example.  A Lucy (from the Peanuts cartoon) booth that has a sign that says.  The Doctor is IN.  (Dispense free life advice).  Manned by CURA staff.  Or, maybe even real doctors if we could get them to volunteer.
      • Message in a bottle / Tiny Letter
      • Handing out fortunes: We could either hand out wrapped fortune cookies or, if we don't like the idea of dealing with giving food to strangers, we could just hand out beautifully presented fortunes. I reallly think asking people if they want to know their fortune would stop them. If they had to wait around and have their palms read, I think they would just move on, but if they see that we will just hand them something and then they can keep walking, I think they would be intrigued. I don't know many people who aren't curious about what the future hold in store for them. handing out fortune cookies or , if we don't like handing out food, fortunes: walking up to new yorkers and asking if they want a fortune. I really think this would stop people