A webpage dedicated to brainstorming CURA theme and non-profit company partnership.






  • Doctors without Borders



  • GrowNYC




Composition/Creativity Girls Write Now (They are excellent and already have ties to Fordham) 

Female Creativity/Girl Power Girls, Inc.

Wishing/Wishful Thinking Make a Wish Foundation

Writing to Remember The Alzheimer's Poetry Project

Self Expression/Artistic Activism (This one aligns with our goals very well) Urban Word/Summer Institute for Social Justice and Applied Poetics

Migration/Belonging Immigration Equality

Improvization The Jazz Gallery

Artistic Enrichment Artists Striving to End Poverty

Mentoring GEMS (Girls Education and Mentoring Services)

 Sustenance/Nourishment Meals on Wheels


Theme—Hunger: crossroad between want and need, what makes us whole, what sustains us, hunger as the human condition/constant yearning yet also inhumane


Hot Bread Kitchen-- 212.369.3331,, Benjamin Schmerler (press inquiries, 212.867.5599,

City Harvest (too big?)-- Jilly Stephens (Executive Director, 917.351.8700,, Cara Taback (Associate Director, Communications, 917.351.8740,, Raquel Pinheiro (Manager, Corporate Partnerships,

WhyHunger/WorldHungerYear-- Hillary Zuckerberg (Director of Artists Against Hunger & Poverty), main #1.800.548.6479

Yorkville Common Pantry-- 917.720.970,


Theme—talking back/speaking up: the unsaid/unspoken, loudmouth 


Hollaback (

GEMS (programs at gems-girls dot org, CEO's assistant Elizabeth Gaines--

Opening Act--,, Suzy Myers Jackson (646.418.7088)

826 NYC (too big???)-- Scott Seeley (Executive Director,, Joan Kim (Education Director,

NoMAA/Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance-- (Development Director-- Kelly Burdick, Program Director--
Diana Caba, main # 212.568.4396)


Other misc. charities: 

The Door--, main #212.941.9090 ext. 3249

GrowNYC-- main # 212.788.7900, press inquiries 212.341.3717 


RightRides-- 718.522.0822, Reem Hassan (community organizer), Kimmie David (program director)


The Following organizations were taken from The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice website:

Confidence/The Body/Beauty Bronx AIDS Services Go Girl Program

  •  Girls Outreach: Groups Improve Resiliency Learning program provides young women ages 12-17 with constructive alternatives to unprotected sex, substance abuse and “street life.” 
  • group sessions focusing on HIV prevention, safer sexual practices, substance abuse awareness, teambuilding and leadership and communication skills (3 times per week after school for 12 weeks)
  • creative writing sessions where the girls can express their feelings as a substitute for negative or risky behavior (twice a month)
  • Saturday field trips where staff, Peer Leaders and program participants spend the day together on outings geared towards building healthy relationships (monthly)

Innocence/Childhood Incarnation Children's Center 

  • ICC is New York’s only pediatric skilled nursing facility for HIV-infected children.  ICC provides a home-like setting for children who are too sick to be at home, or whose medical needs are too complex to be provided adequately in a home setting.

The Mind/Learning Sprout

  • Sprout is a private, non-profit organization, founded in 1979, offering innovative programming related to the field of developmental disabilities.
  • Our travel and recreation programs are dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities grow through challenging and safe travel experiences. Based in New York City, our programs are available to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the agencies that serve them throughout the United States.
  • Through our film programs we invite you to experience film and video related to the field of developmental disabilities. People with developmental disabilities as subjects and performers remain marginalized in the media. By creating and presenting films of artistry and intellect, we hope to reinforce accurate portrayals of people with developmental disabilities and expose the general public to important issues facing this population.

Safety Peace First

  • Peace Games empowers students to create their own safe classrooms and communities by forming partnerships with elementary schools, families, and young adult volunteers. They seek to empower children with the skills, knowledge, relationships and opportunities to be peacemakers, and they do so through a variety of creative educational techniques. 
  • Peace Games is currently working in PS 191 and PS 87, two elementary schools located on the Upper West Side.