Issue 15

Spring 2015

Museum In Media Res
Amy Benson, R. Luke DuBois, Kimiko Hahn, 
Phillip Lopate & Allison Parrish

4 Poems
Rafael Campo

The Scent of Wild Stellaria
Nunzio Paci

Ava Chin

The Teacup
S. J. Murray

Metaphysics of Life
Iryna Lialko

Four-Dollar Mofongo, or On Having to Explain
Why Puerto Rico Uses American Dollars

Malcolm Friend

Worth It
Jess Williard

Checkpoint, Matveyev Kurgan
Marjorie Lotfi Gill

Mule Trek
Emma Zurer

Stephanie Jung

Third Sister
Catalina Ouyang, Winner of the 2015 CURA Prize



Cover image: Stephanie Jung
Banner image: Stephanie Jung