–Joseph O. Legaspi –

Jamaica to Coney Island    Rail lines    Transport    $2.25 Metrocard (for now)
to everywhere    Little Italy, Koreatown, Little Odessa    Naval yards & Central
Park    L for the hipsters parade    Q to Midwood for the best slice of pizza    
Intrepid is urban nature    Inwood to Far Rockaway    Bay Ridge to Forest Hills   
All metropolis in between    Aerial tracks, sweeping balconies    (but)
Subterranean, mostly    Locomotive centipede    Serpentine underground the
insomniac city    Inter-borough travelers    A body in motion eats Chinese food   
Knits    Dreams of conquests while dry clean shirts swing from the handlebar   
Backpacks and other large containers are subject to random search by the police    Mayor
Bloomberg rides    Read up on Planned Service Changes    Brooklyn College to
Wakefield    Mass transit moles    Your Jews, Muslims & atheists in Prada   
Squeezed together tightly    Courtesy is contagious    Turnstile jumpers, unmanned
stations    Churros & ammonia    Drunks & others fallen in    Saw player,
harpist, violin serenade at midnight    Will I see you tonight on the downtown …   
Grinding screech, poor ears    Local or express    2 subway trains running
ghostly parallel, passengers floating in filmstrips    Flip book staccato mobility   
Where do you want to go?    Earth shake underbelly    Portal