– Changming Yuan –


That was the day when my father died 
Before finishing the longevity noodles  
Mom’s trying to feed him below our feet 
On the other face of the planet, where 
He had persisted long enough to allow  
Us to celebrate another new year’s day  
In Jingzhou as well as in Vancouver 
When my brother’s only son managed to 
Travel all the way to Grandpa’s dying bed   
To report how he was doing in New York 
This was also the time when I and Hengxiang   
Felt like making love again after another  
Cold war, when Iran successfully testfired 
Two long-range missiles in the Persian Gulf  
To deter the invasion to be led by Uncle Sam 
And his running dogs, when the very first 
Plymouth Neon was made in 2000, when JFK 
Became a senator in 1960, when a stamped 
Took 66 human lives after a soccer game 
At the Ibrox Park Stadium in Scotland  
Even earlier, and when God was taking  
A long overdue nap, since he knew 
All was well with this wild wild world 
On that day, I became the oldest male  
In my entire family, ready to take my turn  
To deal with death in a masculine manner