– Steve Mueske –


green like the word Go! : the artichoke’s 
muscled tongue : this sensuous life among insects :  
all five kingdoms teeming, animate  
as a little bird doing the slough grass fandango :  
bodhi svaha! : rain fills the funky canvas awning : 
funky awning flips the rainwater off : a rhythmic thing 
this dance, this flip and tumble of a pop can 
in a breeze : eurhythmic feet scudding dirt 
outside the Biffy : 2 AM : an obese man inside 
wailing the GI Blues : Elvis in the building 
which proves, of course, that joy lives 
among us disguised as disco : beauty, too 
but she’s changed her name to cruel 
and makes a living designing miniatures 
for the museum of broken things : photographs 
of stitched lips reduced to the size of stamps : 
darlings, I tell you the truth, you were born  
with cauls of static: novas, novitiates  
to the wine-dark waves of Aunt B’s hair :  
Lon Chaney creeping up castle stairs : 
700 channels of metaphysicians dreaming  
of butterflies : you hear geese and think  
barnacle tree, hear good and think god, knowing  
as Scientists and Marionettes, LLP, know 
all things, at base, are strings : truth is 
the world has fewer mysteries now that the wind  
has started composing again : if asked, the leaves 
would tell you they are bored to death with fugues & 
only applaud out of duty : everyone knows 
Gilligan’s dead & Ginger looks like an elephant's  
knee : the facts are : hydrogen sits on oxygen  
at 104.5 degrees : one degree more or less 
and there’d be no water : no old gods rising 
out of primordial chaos to create order : the facts  
are : there is more dark matter than matter :  
there is no beginning : no end : there must 
have been a beginning : of a possible 14 dimensions 
we know only three : 125 million receptors 
and still we see only a small spectrum of light :  
after red, a hum and a flicker means...