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Interview | JOAN HALL


Interview | JOAN HALL

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We’ve been thinking a lot about positions and perspectives - how they define who we are, and how we define the world. We invited a few of our contributors to share their perspectives with us.


Interview | JOAN HALL


That answer has many levels. I am from New York, USA. 

I am also from everywhere as I believe that everything is connected according to quantum string theory.


In this lifetime I hope to contribute to the world in the best way I know how. I get pleasure out of creating art and sharing my vision and hope people get pleasure From experiencing my art as well. What I do not want is for the viewer to be indifferent to the work. It’s OK to love it or loathe it, as long as the art makes people feel.


The meaning of it all.


I cannot explain my work because it means different things to different people. One person will interpret a piece differently from another person. When someone asks me what a piece means I say,”What does it mean to you?”

My own intention differs depending on what I am working on. 



Native New Yorker Joan Hall is a pioneer in the field of collage and assemblage illustration. Her work has appeared on covers of Time magazine, and in The New York Times and numerous other publications. Hall’s collages and assemblages have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. She was commissioned by the American Cultural Center to lecture, exhibit, and conduct workshops in France, India, Brazil, and most recently lectured at The National Arts Club in New York City. 

Ms. Hall was awarded a US State Department Cultural Grant to go to Mexico and train teachers to teach recycling to children by creating art using found objects and scrap images from magazines. She has been a resident of Westbeth Artist Housing in New York City since 1971.