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Awesome glossary of publishing terms. 



Digital Publishing Platforms



  • E-book store that sells it's own E-readers along with E-books that can be read on any device (not sure about Kindle and Nook)
  • E-books have social features called Reading Life (watch video here). Readers can see other people reading same book, respond to their comments, and share favorite passages through email or Facebook, Twitter, etc.




  • Anyone can send them a document that they make into an E-book for a multitude of platforms. If the author wishes, they will also help distribute E-Book to Amazon, Apple, B&N, etc.
  • Idea: we could work with them to create really beautiful E-books and they could help us market them.


Kindle Singles


  • Short pieces that are in response to current events (sound familiar?). However, because there is a very short production time, the covers aren't the best, copyediting falls short, and Appazoogle complains (here) that sometimes the content isn't good enough.



Ideas for Image/Focal Point for Prompt: What does it mean to begin again?


  • This event was able to raise over $12,000 in two hours because they partnered with a company to match the funds they raised.