I am an immigrant, so are my parents. My father came here on the H1-B Visa (or whatever visa they gave for work) and then my mother and I followed. I grew up in Delaware after coming from the Hunan province in China. I had a good life there and here... I went to college at MIT and now I'm working as a software engineer. I still have a green card, but I don't want to become a citizen. I don't expect that the process will become harder under Trump, of all the countries I've visited, I still think that America is a good place. There is a lot of interest from Chinese people in traveling here, back and forth because they like it here. 
When I was growing up, we knew that we couldn't go back [to China]. That didn't affect me because I was a kid, I could make friends, but my mother would fight with my dad because she couldn't go back to see her family or friends. I didn't get to meet my grandparents until seven years ago.