The tides are always changing, and with every stage of the moon's ascension into it's visible whole brings with it new stories, each as relevant as the other. It's hard to come out and surely say that one topic is the most relevant in today's political climate. I believe it is unethical to pick and chose a most relevant story to pitch to the world, and to you dear reader.
However, I believe that it is important to dissect the origins of the troubling divisive political climate. Perhaps all of these issues that have surfaced in today's politics stem from a rotten core. Instead of focusing on the minute details of governmental decisions made by leaders to "other" a whole nation we as a people need to delve into reasons behind such an irrational fear of mongrelization and this obsession with white patriarchal dominance. The lack of education on sociological matters, especially the intersectionality of gender, race and class needs to be addressed. The fact that people still hold on to the outdated beliefs that question racism and sexism's presence in present day society, as well as ignore the economic and cultural implications that come with that needs to be rectified for progress. We need to go to the root of the problem and expose the rotten floorboards of the foundations of democracy and freedom. I perceived this problem when I first arrived to the United States, a country that preaches it's values with pride and paradoxically has little to show for it. Perhaps it is an ideological view of the world, but there is an obsession with this dominant Superiority complex that I believe hinders the development of a country with such ripe potential. Instead of treating and replacing the floorboards of the foundation of America in order to strengthen it, it is employing a cheap alternative, allowing the wood to rot, and adding putrefied yet sanded and freshly painted floorboards to mask the realities of the political, economic and social climate. This needs to stop. For justice, equality and the integrity of democracy and freedom. 

~Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani