I would like to tell the story of Penn State football. Back in the fall it didn't seem like the Nittany Lions had a chance of breaking barriers. I didn't think that I need to go to the game because I'm not a huge fan of American football. I can't point to a specific day but I was watching one of the Nittany Lions games and for the first quarter they were down and out. Then something remarkable happened the team just kept on playing and play by play they really started to look like they could win the game. A few seconds to go and I'm thinking to myself "Did I actually watch a whole football game? This is a historic occasion for me considering I have never vantage to make it through a full football game." A few weeks went by and the Nittany Lions kept winning games in the second quarter and I found myself keeping up with their season more than I had ever before. By this time I was heading into uncharted waters my parents where in disbelief when I told him about the Penn State football teams latest exploits.

Then one day my friend came to me telling me about an opportunity to work at the stadium and get to see a football game for free. Now thinking as a college student I jumped on the chance to see a football game for free. After 2 1/2 hours of working at the stadium store I finally got a chance to go see what people in Pennsylvania drive miles to glance. Beaver Stadium at full volume is something that even the greatest fan can appreciate, it's a special atmosphere with the home like feel to it. The visiting team were none other then the Ohio State Buckeyes a team if you gave us little chance of matching. After the first half our team had been beaten and the rain had been pouring and I was ready to go. Score was 21 seven and I told my friend that the next touchdown Ohio State score we would leave to for home.

That's when something magical happened Penn State did it again they scored one touchdown then another touchdown and then suddenly we were only one touchdown from taking the lead. At this point I was in full voice at the student section with forty thousand other students cheering on our team hoping to see something incredible. Then in one play the stadium erected with disbelief as we watched our running back scamper up the field I couldn't help but scream at the top of my lungs. When his boot touched the end zone my friend and I flung forward screaming at the event that it just occurred. I have never experienced such raw passion from set of fans.The next 10 minutes or the longestof my short football watching career. When the final whistle blew the whole crowd was hiked eight hyped of my short football watching career. When the final whistle blew we storm the field and at that moment I realize what Penn State football meant to the fans, the families and to the town. As I walked home with an army of thousands I couldn't help but think this is what I've been missing out on.

~ Yemurai Chiwota