In light of what I have witnessed and heard lately, and in the interest of passing along to the next generation things that I think they would benefit from knowing, I would tell a story of a soldier coming back from World War 2.

He would be on his journey back from his service, he would have an unlikely travel companion, someone who was coming to the US for the first time from a place that was poor and had no freedoms. The soldier would talk about the things that he missed and clung to during his time away from home. He would talk with great passion about what made the country (of that time) so great and what was important to him. Seeing his girl dress up for him to meet him at the train station, seeing a Yankee game in the outfield with his buddies, hearing the bell of the ice man or the sound of the horses hooves on the cobblestone, knowing that the fresh vegetables and fruit were coming down his street, listening to a suspenseful story on the radio with his whole family in the living room. Simple pleasures, things that our modern civilization mostly takes for granted it doesn't even know it should be appreciative of.

Its purpose would be to illustrate that progress is not always good because sometimes it erases things that are worth keeping and once lost cannot be recovered.

I give you permission to use this and anything in it for whatever purpose you want to use it for.

~ Joseph Giannico