The morning after the election was surreal for me- Guys dressed up in suits with 'Make America Great Again' hats like Trump had won the Super Bowl or something. I still can't believe the way people on campus behaved. Classmates. People I knew. People who I know don't know much about politics either. I didn't stay up to watch the coverage of the ballot counting, but I heard the cheering early in the morning.

Nobody should be that happy that they put a jackass in charge of our country. That they gave him nuke codes. I thought a Trump presidency would have terrible consequences for a lot of people; that's what every speech he's made is about. It's not something to celebrate. It's weird-I didn't really care about politics before this election, but I know that it shouldn't be a spectacle. Everything Trump does has real repercussions. I'm so frustrated-the guy is a giant idiot.