The only thing I can think of in this time of upheaval is that - I'm thinking about myself and how I hate politics. I hate politics, and I hate politicians. Especially, coming from Hudson County, where politicians have been historically crooked - y'know, that disdain has always been there. But, what I do realize is that by taking the ostrich approach - saying you're not going to listen or pay attention because it doesn't affect me - if enough people start thinking like me, then that could be a serious thing. Because that's how these immoral and corrupt people do take over. Because nobody is paying attention, nobody's watching, and you're thinking 'well, it's not really affecting me directly' but ultimately it does. I guess my new thing is, going forward, not so much getting into politics myself, but respecting those who are out there paying attention and making sure that the Constitution is being upheld, that the liberties that are set up in this country are still there for the majority of the people. We have to make way for those who really feel passionately about it so that they can continue. And even if we don't really feel 100% involved in it, you do have to keep your eyes and ears open, you have to be vigilant. You can't just let people change the reason that this country was set up... I'm in a state of turmoil. I'm in a state of internal turmoil, I must say.