The story I want to tell is more of a statement of fatigue of what we're constantly seeing here. It's extremely disheartening that people in a place of extreme privilege are trying to take away so much from people they know nothing of their experiences - and if they do know, not taking the time to understand. It baffles me that men are trying to take away rights of women's bodies. There are so many stories of women (including my own) who didn't have a choice to make in an interpersonal situation and now there are being moves made to make it legal for us to not have a say in what happens inside of our bodies. This is a time when using your privilege is very important, any privileges you may have, this goes for everyone. So that if one person's privilege protects someone else that has a privilege that protects them, the outcome is beneficial for everyone, we must all work together. With this fatigue, there has been great space for growth and education. In the face of an oppressor we must stand up. It's a shame that so many experiences women endure are so stigmatized, but in this time of "upheaval" it seems that an uprising of activism has taken place so an abundance of people are speaking out against those stigmas which has made me grow and develop as a person and a woman, and I hope to continue to work at this. By learning about the world around me, I have learned a lot about myself.

~ Gianna Boveri