Day 1
Post Gallery Prompt and at least 3 actions online.  So that you are not overwhelmed with evaluating submissions, read submissions as they come in and post your comments.  

Day 17
Submission Deadline

Days 18 - 20
Vote on Submissions via Submittable.  Accept work only of the most excellent quality.  If, in any given month, you do not receive excellent work, post only your contributed pieces from Editor in Chief. 

Day 21
When staff is finished with voting, Editor labels selected submissions in Submittable with Magazine.  Editor emails Editor in Chief that accepted submissions are ready for approval.  Editor in Chief will give notice of contributed pieces to Editor.

Days 22 
Selected submissions are reviewed on Submittable by Editor in Chief and are either given Approved or Declined labels.  
Day 23
Editor sends out automatic Acceptance and Decline emails on all submissions via Submittable.  Editor begins transcribing draft issue of Magazine to CURA website.

Day 27 
Editor cross-checks Publishing Agreement located on CURA Publishing Agreement Google doc with accepted pieces to make sure that we have received permissions for all accepted magazine pieces.  If we do not have a publishing agreement for a piece, WE CANNOT PUBLISH IT.  

Day 1 (Next month)
Publish Issue, next Prompt and next 3 Muse blogposts (coordinate with other campus staff to make this happen).

  • Editor in Chief publishes Magazine issue live to the public and apprises 
  • Staff members proceed with publicity on Magazine issue to coincide with next Prompt.