Luke DuBois piece for Museum in Media Res 2015. The piece is a computer program that turns microphone input into animated shapes. In order to curate the piece as a video recording, CURA editors fed the program with audio from OS X's "say" command, which turns plain text (in this case, random words from a Scrabble dictionary) into spoken language.

Luke DuBois piece for Museum in Media Res 2015. This piece uses a computer program to automatically type phrases into Google search. The phrases are permutations of common English function words followed by forms of the word "evolve." The poetry of the piece results from Google's suggested completions of these procedurally generated searches.

Luke was kind enough to record his screen while working on his contributions to Museum in Media Res 2015. We present this screen recording here, sped up by a factor of ten (compressing 50 minutes of video to a little more than 5 minutes).

Download the source code for Luke's contributions here.