Issue No. 13

April 2014





























Cover / Banner Image Credit: Alfred Benedict Marasigan

4 Pieces
Jason Nelson

Baffin Island
Cate Marvin

The Block
Robert Santiago

As the Snow Falls
Chen Chen

Ode to Lake Effect
Tim Craven

2 Poems
Joshua Bennett

This is a prayer to you from this place of snow
Samiah Haque

2 Poems
Erica Ehrenberg

(from) from The Missing
Soham Patel

#1 Beauty Nail Salon
Paul Tran

3 Pieces
Jess X. Chen

Special Section:
Emerging Filipino Artists and Writers
Ateneo de Manila University

6 Pieces
Alfred Benedict Marasigan

Deirdre Camba

Far From Self
Patricia Katipunan

Stefani Tran