Emmanuel Pardilla

Issue No. 18 • Spring 2017


Dreamt about an advance stage of revolutionary struggle in NYC. A dream Democrats nor Republicans would dare champion - in fact, I assume many would stand against it. Saw the Bronx leading a move towards succession by way of a popular council. Saw great minds in the Bronx coming together to create forms of vertical and roof top farming for agricultural sustenance with students and ex-cons taking the mantel of this labor. Popular assemblies where neighborhoods renamed streets after revolutionary heroes and Hunts Point became People's Point. Saw a revolutionary process unfold where bridges, trains and highways were policed by a peoples defense force which started off as a militia. Saw the juvenile prison off the coast of Rikers known as 'the boat' right off Hunts Point turn into a center of research and exploration. And billboards on every avenue that reflected the values and interest of the movement and most importantly the people. A culmination, that originated with a request that would fundamentally alter the socioeconomic fabric of society. Where housing and land are at the center of the disposition, and private property, at the epicenter and subject of a moral dilemma between the people and those who benefit from renting out and selling property.