Everyone seems so distraught with the fact that we have a clown in the White House. Honestly, it feels strange to me just because of the fact that my take on reality kind of lines up with everyone's now. That's to say, it's kind of a joke now. Back in high school I got caught up in some major depression, and I guess as a whole that really reduced my sensitivity to being affected by stuff. I guess that explains why election night after the ball had been dropped, and I walked downstairs to converse with the other smokers about it, I was almost jovial in comparison to their downtrodden faces. Hell, I was making jokes about the situation, I was walking on sunshine by comparison. Nazi signs and xenophobic activities started popping up around the country the next day, and everyone became afraid that a new era of dogmatism and prejudice was going to begin. But in my mind, there was one thought about this that stood out. These people were acting like the new reich, or whatever you want to call it, was gonna rise overnight, that the country was now decidedly racist to their paranoia's delight. Well...no. These people they disliked who were racists and bigots before the election, were that had the same mentality and prejudice after the election, only difference is now others are scared because they have to acknowledge these people now; they've legitimized themselves as fellow persons. Nobody changed, just people's perceptions of each other, and that, is what really changes the world, maybe more than people's actions. 


Issue No. 18 • Spring 2017