Issue No. 18 • Spring 2017

My mom is not an American Citizen, and so was not allowed to vote in this election. However, since she is white, and from a Western European country, I am lucky enough to not have to worry about her getting deported, or not being allowed to return should she go home to visit my grandparents, aunt, and uncle. One of my cousins is having some trouble at home, and so he is coming to stay with my parents for a few months this spring. We don't have to worry that he will be turned away at the airport or have any trouble getting to us. Not every family in America can say this right now.   My dad voted for Trump. His parents, my grandparents, were immigrants from Italy and his wife, my mom, is an immigrant. When he told me his plans for the upcoming election, I asked him how he could vote for Trump given his policies on immigration. It's too late now, but I hope everyone who voted "fiscally and not socially" realizes now that the two cannot be separated when it comes to running a country.