In light of events still unwinding tonight, I'd like to tell a story. More likely than not, most of you are aware I'm gay. It's hard not to be, I shout about it every other day. The future doesn't look as bright as I hoped it might for LGBTQ people in this country after tonight. Since the age of thirteen to just less than a year ago, I thought about killing myself once a day. That's once a day for eight years. I knew I was gay, I hated myself for it, and I was afraid that there wasn't a place for me in this country and this world because I was gay. Because of decisions and attitudes and actions that led to today's political climate, for millions of LGBTQ people, especially young, confused and scared kids, that thought I once had is now a reality. The only thing I can tell myself that even attempts to ease the pain is this - I am going to fight SO hard these next years - for me, for you, for ALL of us. Crossing this road may be lengthy and full of hurt, but I'll see you on the other side.

~Adrianna Redhair