My grandmother was not born in this country. She was born in Italy and then immigrated to Argentina to eventually come to America in her early twenties. Now I am the same age that my grandmother would have been when she came to this country many years ago. Given the current status of the world it forces me to recognize, as I have many times before, this is a country of immigrants. None of us, technically, belong here. Her story of coming to America and only knowing two people and not being able to speak English put her at a great disadvantage. She managed to make a stable life for herself, but it was a life that was not made easier by American society. And now, hearing the stories of people's journey immigrating into America and the struggles they face, makes me wonder was it easier for my grandmother to come into this country and make a life for herself then it is now? Have the systems in place only forced people into deeper levels of poverty with fewer opportunities to escape? Upon reflection the answers seems to be a resounding yes.