I've been around Fordham for as long as I can remember. My dad emigrated from Ireland in '86 and began working at Fordham in the early 90s and he's been here ever since. I grew up in an Irish neighborhood in Yonkers where the majority of kids I knew were also first generation. When I was little my dad worked an early morning shift and was usually finished by 2pm. But, every now and then he would either work a double or switch a shift and he wouldn't be out until 10pm. On these occurrences, my siblings and I knew exactly what it meant -White Castle. My brother, sister, and I would wait up and hope to hear the phone ring around 9:45. My mom would answer and a few moments later ask us what we wanted our dad to bring us home. I remember eagerly waiting for him to come home with a bag full of greasy goodness. The five of us would sit around our kitchen table and stuff our faces with mini burgers and milkshakes. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that I got to eat fast food late at night while most of my friends were probably asleep. This little family tradition is something that has always stuck with me. I like being able to remember a moment in time when such a simple thing could bring me such joy and happiness.    I'm not sure what the future will hold given our current state of affairs but it is my hope that my generation and those to follow can bring a new sense of compassion and understanding in order to better our society for all. 

~ Anonymous