When I returned home from a semester studying abroad, it was the middle of my junior year. Spring semester is known as the prime time for a college business student to interview for internships and leadership programs that turn into post-graduate job opportunities. I felt a little behind on the task, and decided to reach out to a Fordham alumnus who held a position at Ernst & Young. 

After spending days agonizing on crafting the perfect email to send to a Partner that wouldn't be immediately discarded, I finally mustered up the courage to send it. In it, I explained my involvement in Fordham thus far and all my internship experience, hoping to impress him enough to get an informational interview with him.  A few days passed with no message from him in my inbox, and I figured it was a lost cause and that he was too busy to meet with a undergraduate student like me. But then he did answer, and the first line of the email was "anything for a fellow Fordham Ram."

Despite the effort I put into my email to him, all that mattered was that we both valued the Fordham connection that we shared. It wasn't the last time I heard that phrase during a networking event, and I look forward to using it as my own philosophy as I transition into the post-graduate world.