I'll never forget this, but I was walking down the street about three or so years ago and this old woman came up to me. I think I was on my way to the grocery store or something and it was my first week or so being in the city. She asked me if she could read my fortune. Now, I'm from the South. Don't go bringin' me no bad juju with your black magic and shit. Keep that over there. But there was this part of me that was like, 'do it'. I guess I was thinking this could be like one of the magic YA novels where something weird happens to the protagonist and then she's thrust into this magical world. And, like, five handsome dudes fall in love with her even though she's basic as all hell but she's somehow the 'chosen one'. I know, I was feeling pretty extra that day. Anyway, so I said, 'Yeah sure'. And she read my palm and stuff. She checked my love line and all that jazz and told me something vague about my future love life. But then she stopped at my life line and looked me dead in the eye. No kidding. This woman looked me dead in the eye and said, 'Oh, this isn't good. Your life is going to be cut short.' Now, I'm freaking the fuck out. I'm sweating, I'm stressed, I need to go buy milk or some shit and this lady basically told me I'm going to die soon. My eyes are probably the size of golf balls, man. I snatch my hand back from this creepy old lady and tell her to have a nice day and power walk back to my dorm room. I call my grandma and tell her what happened and she freaked out. She started praying to the Lord to put his hands on me and keep me from danger. I was on the phone with her for almost an hour. All of that hour was her just praying for the devil leave me alone. At this point I'm crying, right? I'm crying like a goddamn baby and my grandmama is really goin' in on this prayer and after that hour she tells me not to go anywhere for a little while and to take a nap. Would you believe that she told the entire family I was cursed? I had cousins texting me like, 'are you okay' and stuff like that. I still get random texts from family members making sure I'm okay. My grandmama tells that story to everyone. She tells everyone she meets that her granddaughter was curse by an old white lady in New York.