We the community leaders of the latino immigrants over the past 2 months are working harder than ever to keep up with the aggressive immigration laws imposed by the New Administration. In my home town every business is feeling the pinch on their cash register, hair dressing salon, bodegas, restaurants , cafes and bakery are down 40 % in sales due to people saving as much as possible in case the worst happens. The Federal government should impose the Laws, however in a timely fashion, not how the New Administration is trying to do, they are doing such damage on families across America. American born children of illegal immigrant parents are going to bed without knowing if ICE will take they parents away and they're living in great fear and much greater stress. We are trying to keep everyone calm and pass on valid information on how to react in the event ICE or any police officer approaching.... IT IS THE WORST TIME FOR OUR HARD WORKING IMMIGRANTS IN THE PAST 35 YEARS. Hope congress looks down towards our Nation and makes it less frightening and less divided as It is right now. God Bless the U.S.A and protect our immigrants across this Beautiful Nation.

~ Pedro Coelho