I don't necessarily regret anything because I have a beautiful daughter. She's going to be three in a few days, can you believe it? Three! I remember going into labor with her and then in the blink of an eye she was there. She was so pale, I looked at my mom and said, 'Are you sure this is my baby? Did you follow the right nurse? She's white!' I still had the epidural in and I wasn't feeling too bad. I didn't even feel a thing when I pushed her out, I didn't even feel any pressure. The hospital took all these nice pictures of her but they were expensive. We only kept a couple. You saw them right? They were so dope! But anyway, if I did have a regret, and I know this wasn't really the question, but I wish I paid more attention in high school. I was too busy being chased by boys and getting in fights to really crack down on school. I wish I stuck to community college more than I did. Like I said, I don't necessarily regret it because I have a little princess now, but I wish I had been a little smarter about it all.