I used to do this stupid thing when I was in middle school. I would write the names of people I didn't like on little slips of paper and put them in a jar and fill it with water. Then I would put the lid back on and shake the jar up until I was sure the paper was in little bits. It was a way to just release my anger without hurting anyone. Like when my friend since elementary school made out with my crush in ninth grade. I put her name on a piece of paper and put it in that jar and shook it instead of yelling at her. I stayed friends with her until we graduated and eventually lost touch. In a lot of ways, I blame my docile personality on doing that jar thing. I never felt the need to confront people when I could just put their name in a jar, fill it with water, and shake it until I felt better. I got walked on a lot in college. I stayed with a guy for three years even though he would yell at me for no reason and cheat on me because I never developed that backbone most kids do in high school. I did that jar thing until my junior year of college when I realized it wasn't helping me. Senior year, I started to confront people more and started saying 'no' more. Isn't it such a beautiful word? 'No'. I love it! 'No'! Welp, now I know about standing up for myself to some degree. Got rid of that shitty boyfriend and I'm taking my time discovering this new me that has a spine. I think I like her. I'm gonna try to keep her.