Last semester in my Theories of Comparative Literature class, my teacher and fellow classmates took the time every single morning to talk about how we were feeling on that particular day. It was not until the election that my classmates really began to open up and talk about their feelings. It's difficult to tell a class of over 20 people that you feel awful or that you're sad. I want to thank and remember all the amazing people in that class for being so open and creating an environment where I could learn so much and still be open and in touch with the realities and hardships of the world outside of the classroom. In that class, I learned how truly indispensable the people around me are, and how much I can learn from the people in my classroom. If I can learn one new thing from someone in a day, then they have helped me grow and shape the student/eventual graduate that I hope to become. People are amazing and there is always something to be learned from one another. My story I want to be heard, is to spread positivity and knowledge the same way all the students and teachers have done for me.

~ Sydney White