One of the turning points in this election, for me, was when I came across an article that talked about a radio host suggesting that undocumented immigrants become property of the state. I was so disgusted and just completely devastated. I cried for hours after reading that article and my mindset from that moment on was forever changed. I became obsessed with people like Ann Coulter. I started reading all her hateful tweets and the comments of approval on them. I would call my brother and I read all the tweets to him, frustrated, and he would tell me to stop. He told me to stop doing this to myself, that she's only one person. But she wasn't. Those comments that the radio host made came only months after Trump's announcement for candidacy and his initial comments on Mexican immigrants. This host already had these extreme feelings about undocumented immigrants, but Trump's announcement emboldened him to publicly reveal his plans that he probably happily fantasized about before but would never dare to say. And Coulter was so fucking happy to endorse Donald Trump and was thriving off of his platform.
So, this election, where more than 50 million people voted for this man who revealed how many people truly hate and wish harm on the people that I love most in this life, is not one I will get over. It's heartbreaking to see and hear my peers and people in my community fear for their life and/or the people that they love because they can't display their love safely, they can't practice their religion safely, and they can't walk the streets safely. I hope that now people will realize how much progress this country really needs to make, but it's even hard to believe that at this point.

~ Selena Casas