Political correctness has gone too far and is unobtainable due to the fact that it is subjective and what one person may find offensive another finds totally acceptable.  While the original intent may have been a good concept (to encourage tact and sensitivity to others feelings regarding, race, gender, religion, etc.) it has resulted in a population of emotionally fragile individuals that have never learned to accept dissenting viewpoints.

The pursuit of political correctness is crippling our ability to communicate freely and grow as individuals. It is hindering our ability to interact and get to know those that are different from us and embrace our differences.. Young adults feel persecuted if someone says something they disagree with.  Managers, such myself are fearful of giving critical feedback to subordinates of a different race, which is vital for job growth, for fear of being perceived as a racist. 

The pursuit of political correctness is undermining the freedom of living in a free society. The world is not perfect where everything we see and hear is controlled and it never will be. You will be offended in life and it is not acceptable to think you are entitled to a safe space to recuperate.  

My point is that political correctness has become a bigger problem than the problem it was intended to fix.  If we must self-censor any conversation pertaining to race, gender, religion and sexual orientation in an effort to protect everyone’s feelings, we perpetuate the very barriers we want to overcome.  In order to progress as a free society, we must be exposed to different perspectives, viewpoints, feelings and life experiences.