Your daddy and I are twenty years apart - have I told you that? I had him when I was twenty. Sometimes, I think I was too young to have a baby then. Oh, God, he was so small! I remember I would stare at him sometimes, when he was that small, and think 'is this a real baby?' 'is it real?' and I would move him, just a bit, so he would start to fidget and then I would say, 'yeah, he's real'. Your grandfather worked construction and had to stay overnight most weeks, so I would be alone with your father 'cause I didn't work when the kids were little. Just me and him. I was so young! I used to dress him up in little outfits because he was like my own little baby doll. I loved it. He was a calm baby and let my put little shoes and hats and mittens on him without much of a fuss. I treated him like a little doll for a long time - until I had your aunt eight years later. I was more mature when I had her, I like to think. Your first baby is so exciting, you just get caught up in it! But, with your aunt, I was a little more reserved, and your daddy was older. I'm glad neither you or your brother have had kids yet. You shouldn't have them so young. You don't think they're real when you're that young. I wasn't ready for him. I wasn't ready. But he was so sweet, and he turned out okay. I think that's all that matters.