Since the election of Donald Trump, the country has been more divided than ever, but it's fascinating how this division has sparked unity among others to join together and speak out about what really matters to them. I am not normally one to go out and protest about something, but after seeing the response for the Women's March, I really wish that I had participated. I don't regret not participating because I had FOMO or wish that I could've used the opportunity for an Instagram, but rather because I am more scared than ever that our country is regressing in so many ways, especially in regard to women's rights. It's terrifying that a bunch of men in the white house are sitting around big, fancy table deciding the future of MY health. Do they have to worry about becoming pregnant? No. So, why are they making all of the decisions? The incredible response around the country at the Women's March was a direct rejection of the regression that is upon us and I wish that I could have participated in that. Our country has come so far in regard to civil liberties and it's a shame that all of it looks like a big question mark at the moment because no one knows what's coming next. It's bad enough that women have to fight for equal pay and respect in the workforce, and now we have to fight being told what we can and cannot do with our bodies.

~Daniela Spencer