I'm not sure I have a specific story relating to the past few months I can't express. I've been able to reason everything out logically. Those opposed to Donald Trump have thrown nearly everything at him -- raw vulgarities (not that these are helpful), reporting on his character and questionable business practices, and well-reasoned commentaries. His own actions should lead to his own downfall. Each day seems like it should be the last straw. On a cerebral level, it is hard to believe that his support has not totally collapsed. Since before the election, I had felt that Democrats and others against Trump were preaching to the choir and not really speaking to his supporters. Rather helping Trump supporters feel they were being offered hope and solutions, the Democrats relied on the admonition "Don't vote for this flawed person and failed businessman." At some point, people should have realized their strategy was not effective. This lack of insight toward this failed strategy is interesting because part of the Democrats' support for immigrants and refugees is to empathize with them. While the benefits of the Affordable Care Act were touted, there was little admission about how expensive it was for people. For all the talk about looking out for all Americans, there didn't seem to be much assurances for those who feel threatened by a global economy. The Democrats have been tried to figure out why they lost the election, but their introspection doesn't seem to have yet produced a message that appeals to the people with whom they need to connect.