I think right now the story I most want to tell is probably a story I don't know yet. To me, right now, people who are most in danger from the "events of the past few months" should have a platform to tell their stories and experiences (if they were to feel so compelled). I think those most targeted by these events are the stories I want to prioritize, hear, and have a platform for in this moment in time (and i recognize the problem of me using the word "hear" or "prioritize" because i do not have that authority nor should i). Whether it be LGBTQ+ folks, people of color, immigrants, survivors, people without educational privilege, people without financial privilege, the intersection of so many of these, and so on, I think people who are being targeted by the current administration and climate are the people whose stories deserve to be told right now (and always have deserved to be told). I know this comes from a place of privilege to even think I should be allowed to designate or say whose story "I" want to tell right now. Because I don't think a story I can tell at this moment is the most important (or the one I want to prioritize right now). Story telling (in my mind) is for the purpose of preservation and recognizing the truth and lived experience of another person - which makes sense as to why I think people most marginalized currently, their stories are the most important to prioritize and "tell" (and i don't mean preservation in a museum, voyeuristic, manner of preserving something for audiences to later consume - i just mean preserving for the sake of recognizing and validating in and of itself as something worth preserving). also i think poetry is becoming increasingly significant in this climate because it is storytelling that looks different every time and is flexible in what it allows.